Showcased at the 2022 Portland Sneaker Week event, this series of Patina Swooshes embodies a fusion of artistic elements close to my heart. Aiming to pay homage to Nike's impactful role in the sneaker community, I embarked on a creative journey to seamlessly integrate my love for flowers with an iconic symbol.
Each swoosh tells a story, weaving together the vibrant energy of blossoms with the timeless essence of the Nike brand. The intentional use of rust patina serves as a nod to Portland's distinctive rainy weather, creating a visual ode to the city's atmospheric charm.
Art Direction, Design & Production: Kevin Hsiu
From Top Left Clockwise
Carnation, Plumeria, Lotus, Sun Flower, Maple Leaves
From Top Left Clockwise
Orchid, Bamboo, Dahlia, Venus Flytrap, Cherry Blossm
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