I had an amazing opportunity to team up with Race Service for Mercedes Benz AMG Motorsport. Together, we've developed an impressive speedform model inspired by the AMG GT3 race car. This speedform is available in two sizes: 1:12 and 1:18. Each model is meticulously crafted from aluminum, with hand-sanding and buffing to achieve a flawless mirror-polished finish.
Our design philosophy for the speedform was straightforward: focus solely on the iconic racing features, discarding anything deemed unnecessary. Following this approach, we went through nine different iterations before arriving at the final form.
These models were featured at the "Raw Spec" event by Race Service during the Felix Artfair, held on the rooftop of the Roosevelt Hollywood Hotel. Race Service even brought the real GT3 race car up to the rooftop to showcase their incredible work on the vehicle.
Additionally, Race Service unveiled their capsule apparel collection for AMG, along with a special collaboration designed specifically for the event. It was an outstanding gathering filled with incredible people and energy. Race Service truly went above and beyond to create such a memorable event.
Art Direction, 3D Design & Production: Kevin Hsiu
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