Dumbfounded is a Korean-American rapper. His songs touch on a wide array of topics from light-hearted comedies to serious political issues. However diverse the content of his work is, there is always a common theme on the subject of Asian American identity.
My work is a deconstruction of his portrait from the music video, Murals. This artwork consists of 1,008 buttons. Each represents a moment in time - be it a celebration, a defeat or a lesson. Each is unique on its own and together they reveal a more complete picture.
At a time when America is so divided, we need to remind ourselves that we are more similar than different. Each one of us is unique. Each one of us shares a different past. And when we come together to celebrate our identities, we tell a richer human story.
This piece was part of a group exhibition hosted by the adidas employee resource group -Progressive Soles.
Art Direction & Production - Kevin Hsiu
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